Dish Network DVR, Better Than The Original TiVo?

Surprisingly to some, TiVo is not the only vendor out there then it come to DVRs. There is also Dish Network, or as their product is officially called, the Dish Network DVR.

The amazing thing about this DVR is that the company has more units than any other company. So in a sense what TiVo started, Dish Network seems to be finishing. Probably the most likely reason Dish Network is winning this battle is the simple fact that they are giving it away for free as an incentive to purchase their entire Satellite TV package.

Its safe to say that the Dish Network DVR is very similar to that of TiVo. Again a DVR is a device that is basically a giant hard drive that let’s you record live television.

Dish Network lets you record upwards to about 180 hours of television programing. Let me say for the record that this is A LOT of television. The number of hours is dependent on what kind of model you get from Dish Network. 100 hours is actually the norm.

Also very similar to TiVo, Dish is very easy to use and fairly straight forward in some of its options.