Aaron Rodgers trolled over Packers’ field goal kick on ‘Jeopardy!’


Aaron Rodgers didn’t make it through one episode as host of “Jeopardy!” without getting trolled.

During Final Jeopardy, returning champion Scott Shewfelt didn’t know the answer to the question, so he instead wrote down a question of his own for Rodgers.

“Who wanted to kick that field goal?” Rodgers read out loud, to laughter from the audience.

The question referred to the NFC Championship Game against the Buccaneers, when Packers coach Matt LaFleur opted to kick a field goal on fourth down within the 10 yard line instead of going for it. Green Bay was down 31-23 with just 2:09 left to play, and the baffling decision took the ball out of Rodgers’ hands for good after Tom Brady converted a couple first downs to seal the Buccaneers victory.

Rodgers famously disagreed with the call, saying after the game that “it wasn’t my decision.” He was a good sport about it on Monday, however.

“That is a good question,” he joked. “Should be correct, but unfortunately for this game today, that’s incorrect.”

The Packers quarterback teased the moment in the lead-up to his hosting gig, telling ESPN, “wait until you see the first show and what the returning champion wrote.” His prediction that the moment would go viral was correct.

Rodgers will host the show for two weeks as they rotate guest hosts in the wake of Alex Trebek’s passing in November 2020. In an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Rodgers said he would be interested in taking over hosting duties full-time.

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